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Council Election

Nominations have now closed. Where an election is required balloting will be held on November 5, 2014. Use the 'Your Union' tab to view your current listing of front line union representatives.

Education Bursury

Congratulations to this year's bursary recipients: Brittany Cunningham and Shannon Dobson

Vacation / Wellness/ Flex

October update: The negotiation teams will meet in the coming weeks at which time we will know if an agreement can be reached. 

999 members completed the survey to guide the unions team in their efforts to find positive solutions during negotiations taking place over the summer. 

Members re-new their vote in support of negotiations aimed at improving the vacation, wellness and flex provisions of the Collective Agreeement with the aid of a facilitator from the Ministry of Labour. Results:

  March 2014 July 2014
Yes 81% 89%
No 5% 2%
Maybe 14% 9%

Universal WSIB Coverage - It's Time

CoverMe2 (1).jpg

Click on the "Cover Me" logo to visit the campaign website and watch the compelling video or go to

We Pay We Deserve A Say

OCEU will leave no stone unturned in our collective efforts to protect the employee pension plan from any unnecessary cuts. 

The parties have a shared interest in addressing the Pension Plan solvency deficit. The primary option we are pursuing includes:

  • Permanent solvency relief available by converting the existing single-employer pension plan (SEPP) to a jointly sponsored pension plan (JSPP) which does not require any cuts.

Learn more and read the President's blog and click on the Pension tab.


The Grievance Settlement Board hearings commended Decemeber 2011 and wrapped up in September 2013. A binding decision is pending. :

  • Policy grievances for field staff that have been told the business will not consider either 10/9 or 5/4 FWA's.
  • Policy grievance regarding the approach to start times and finish times.

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To join please send your request along with a message containing your identifiable work name (if different from your FB name) and your employee #. Use the link below to join.

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